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Blockout Curtains

Room darkening and Block out Curtains obtain their name from their main purpose, which is to block out light or darken a room. They are a window dressing that can be used along with a sheer in a layered window treatment, and on their own, depending on the needs of a consumer and the design of a space. 

Block outs or black outs, as they are commonly known, have a special coating on the back which makes it possible to completely block out the light that enters a space. They come in a wide range of colours and textiles which should be selected depending on the design of a space and the personal taste of the consumer.

These fabrics have many benefits such as offering complete privacy in a space, providing insulation against the cold weather, heat and noise, and protection against sun damage. They have the ability to completely block the light from entering a room, which makes them a perfect option for spaces such as bedrooms, theatre rooms, media rooms, conference rooms and game rooms. 

Room darkening Curtains are curtains made out of a heavier textile that darkens a room but does not completely block out the light from entering. They are much more accessible than Block outs, and they provide a degree of darkening in a room, as well as insulation against the weather and noise. This option is most commonly used in bedrooms, and also comes in a wide range of fabrics, designs and colours.

Some very popular fabrics for Room darkening curtains include textiles derived from polyester, velvet, damask, cotton, and linen.

Velvet is one of the heaviest curtain fabrics that has been used for centuries in window dressing. Its weight and feel make I excellent for draping and decorating a window, it is great for keeping out draughts and provides extra insulation against the weather, noise and light. Velvet creates a very elegant and luxurious look in a room and are most commonly used in dining room, living rooms and even a master bedroom.

Cotton is an organic, ecofriendly fabric, it is very versatile and depending on the tightness of its weave can come in a variety of thicknesses, it is breathable and easy to take care of. 

Polyester is a fabric that is accessible to every budget and very low maintenance. It is widely used in different proportions in different varieties of textiles.

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