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Custom Made Curtains

Whether you are buying a new home, renovating an old one or just updating a space, window dressings always play an important role in this process. A window dressing can make or break a room. Window dressings can bring movement, complement a colour scheme or simply be selected for room darkening and light filtering purposes, window dressings can achieve all these things, so what should we consider when we decide to go with curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Curtains?

Curtains are a kind of window dressing that have been around for centuries, and today exist in an endless variety of colours, fabrics, textures and designs, and when pelmets are added, variety grows exponentially. They are a very versatile kind of window dressing, they always bring movement and flow to a room, and can be selected in a variety of styles, where S-Fold has become increasingly popular due to its added movement, elegance yet natural look.

Why should I go with custom made?

Although there is a large selection of pre made curtains out there, which come at probably a much lower price; custom made curtains, as the name explains are made especially for your window and home. Customs made curtains will be cut and prepared exactly in the width and height you require, this particular option is not available in ready made curtains, and many times will not be long enough, or will be too long and will not hang perfectly above your window.

Are Custom made Curtains expensive?

Due to the large variety of fabrics out there, custom made curtains can be adjusted to almost any budget. Whether you choose to have a sheer, to let light come through or a room darkening option for more privacy, there are many options available at many different prices to suit you budget.

Should I get single or double curtains?

This selection depends largely on the room you plan to decorate and the privacy you have outside this room, if you live in an isolated area, or a particular window is facing your own gardening a sheer might bring you enough privacy, but will not darken a room, she sheers are the perfect option for spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. If your particular window is in quite a secluded area, and you wish something that is room darkening, you may not need to pair with a sheer, as during the day you might not need complete privacy to cover the window.

Double curtains are perfect for bedrooms especially, since it gives you the option of privacy during the day, but still lets sunlight through and at night time you may simple close the second layer, to darken the room to make sure no light comes in, when you decide so.

Pelmets or no pelmets?

Pelmets can be the finishing touch to a room, and when it comes to curtains there is an endless variety, from over-the-top styles like a Louis XV to very simple and modern styles, with short pelmets and straight lines. So the selection of pelmets depends mostly on the style of curtain, where an S-Fold would be much better left with no pelmets, so you can enjoy the flow and movement of this particular style. But it also depends on the budget you have available, if you have decided on a more classic and traditional look, pelmets would be a great addition to your curtains.

Pelmets can complement any design and can be selected in a variety of styles, patterns, colours, whether they are the same as the curtain or matching the colour scheme.

S-Fold or box pleat?

The selection of curtain style, depends largely on the size of the window, the size of the area and the fabric selected for a room. Heavier fabrics do not suit the S-Fold style very well, although it can be achieved. S-Folds are perfect for light sheer fabrics and are perfectly suited to open areas with wider windows, they evoke movement, elegance a simple but modern look.

Which kind of fabric should I select?

The kind of fabric selected depends on: first, the kind of room, for example in kitchen areas where there will be a lot of food being prepared and moved around, you want to select a curtain fabric that is easier to clean, such as a cotton or linen based curtain. For areas such as the lounge room or dining room, you can select a more extravagant fabric such as velvet, silk or chiffon, that are a bit harder to clean but have a beautiful finish. Second, if you are looking for a bit of privacy, but still want sunlight to come through, then you should definitely just go with a sheer fabric, sheers can make a room look bigger, they bring movement into a space and also allow for privacy without blocking out sunlight.

If you are looking to completely block the light out of a room, there is a selection of room darkening fabrics, that go from partial light block outs to full light block outs, where no light passes through and you have complete darkness in a room when these particular curtains are drawn.

Once you have selected the kind of fabric you wish to have curtains made in, there are also a variety of tones and colours and even patterns you can choose from, this selection depends entirely on your personal preferences, the style or design of a room and the colour scheme you wish to work with.

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