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Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are a popular option for arranging and hanging draperies. They are permanently sewn in pleats, that create a classic look, that adapts to most styles, spaces and rooms. This style of curtain is very versatile, because depending on the style of pleat selected, a very simple and modern look can be created, as well as an elegant and traditional one. Pinch pleat curtains are a timeless, affordable style that go especially well in smaller spaces with narrower windows.

These pleats can be made out of most types of fabrics, and go well with solid colours, florals, patterns and other designs.  They can be hung on tracks as well as on a rod, which can be selected in a variety of materials, colours and widths, depending on the style, decor and design of a room. Tracks can be used to create a more elegant traditional style, and rods can be used to create a warmer, more rustic space. Rods can be selected in steel or wood, in a variety of colours, and widths, depending on the customer’s taste and desired look. Hooks can also be selected from a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours; that can be adapted to suit a style of a space, and they can make the curtain hang higher or lower from the heading.

These curtains can be arranged mainly into simple pleats, double pleats or triple pleats. Single pleats are especially well suited to florals and other patterned fabrics, as well as heavier fabrics; because the simple pleat allows the pattern to be better visible and less stacked up, these are better suited to more simple and clean spaces. Double pleats go well with solid colours as well as florals and designs; they create a more elegant look, but are very versatile and can be used in any space. Finally, triple pleats are very well suited to solid colours, and create a very traditional and classic look, especially, when hung on tracks. They are the perfect choice for a country style, traditional or even a mid-century style dining room, lounge room and main bedroom.

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Dale Pursehouse

We had Vince and Steven install our blind for the deck and they were exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. They were very helpful, friendly and great with our dogs as well!

Dale Pursehouse

Stewart Graham

Highly recommended- Jason and his team did a great job on a very large motorised Ziptrack blind. Best thing is Jason thought more about the install placement and features than others which maximised my space.

Stewart Graham

Jen M

The team at Sculli Blinds are simply the best. From the exceptional customer service, and good quality products. Highly recommend these guys they are my go to for blinds and screens - thank you Sculli Blinds and Screens.

Jen M


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